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E95M-DTU (400SL30-485) Spectre étalé LoRa, commande AT, mise à niveau en ligne du port série, bande de fréquence libre mondiale 433 MHz, radio montée sur rail de petite taille, puissance de transmission 20 ~ 30 dBm

[Type d'interface]:RS485/RS232/TTL

[Fréquence porteuse]:410,125 ~ 493,125 MHz

[Puissance de transmission]: 30 dBm

[Distance de communication]:10 km

[Poids du produit]:31.3±2g

[Taille du produit]: 80*28*28,5 m

[Introduction]:E95M-DTU (400SL30-xxx) est une radio de transmission de données sans fil utilisant la technologie de modulation LoRa de qualité militaire. Elle dispose de diverses méthodes de transmission et fonctionne dans la bande de fréquence (410,125 MHz ~ 493,125 MHz) (433,125 MHz par défaut). fournit une interface transparente RS485/RS232/TTL, adopte une coque en plastique, une structure montée sur rail, prend en charge une entrée de tension large de 8 ~ 28 V (DC). La technologie LoRa à spectre étalé apportera une distance de communication plus longue et présente l'avantage d'une forte capacité anti-interférence.

General specifications and parameters

1product size80*28*28.5  mmSee installation size for details
2Product weight32 g
Weight tolerance of 2g
3working temperature-40°C 〜+85℃technical grade
4voltage range8〜28V (DC )12V or 24V
5communication interfaceRS485/RS232/TTLRS485, RS232, TTL three choose one, subject to the physical identification of the product
6Baud rateFactor}- default: 9600The Baud rate range is from 1200 to 115200
7address codeFactory default 0A total of 65,536 address codes can be set

Frequency range and channel number

ModelFrequencyTransmitting powerReference distanceSpecification
E95M -DTU(400SLxx -XXX )433.125M410.125 〜493.125M1M84, Half duplex

★ Note: In the same area, use multiple sets of transmission stations to communicate one to one at the same time. It is suggested that the channel interval be set above 2 MHz.

Transmitting power level

Model22dBm/30dBm17dBm/27dBm13dBm / 24dBm10dBm/21dBm
E95M -DTU(400SLxx -XXX )Factory default

★ Note: The lower the transmission power is. the closer the transmission distance is, but the working current will not decrease in the same proportion, so it is recommended to use the maximum transmission power

Air rate rating

ModelDefault air rateEqual seriesAir rate grade
bpsk bps
E95M -DTU(400SLxx-xxx )2.4k62.4、4.8、9.6、19.2、38.4、62.5

★Note: The higher the air speed setting, the faster the transmission rate, and the closer the transmission distance; so if the rate meets the usage requirements, the lower the air speed, the better.

Current parameters

ModelEmission current mAWaiting current mA
E95M -DTU(400SL 22-xxx)4526107
E95M -DTU(400SL 30-xxx)25012595

★ Note: It is recommended to retain more than 50% of the current margin when selecting the power supply,which is conducive to the long-term and stable operation of the radio station.

Length of receiving and receiving and the subcontracting method

tsCache sizeSubcontracting method
E95M -DTU(400SLxx -XXX )1000 BytesCan be sent by instruction subcontracting 32 / 64 / 128 / 240 bytes

★  pay attention to:

  1. If the single received data of the radio station is greater than the single package capacity, the excess data will be automatically allocated to the second transmission until the transmission is completed;

  2. Single single received data cannot be greater than the cache capacity