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Ebyte E34-2G4D11S fréquence automatique port série réception et transmission de données module sans fil duplex intégral 2.4 GHz

[Fréquence porteuse]:2,4 ~ 2,518 GHz

[Puissance de transmission]:11 dBm

[Distance de communication]: 130 m

[Poids du produit]:6.4±0.5g


[Introduction]:E34-2G4D11S is a wireless data transmission module that supports full-duplex communication, working in the 2.4~2.518GHz frequency band, TTL level output,using serial port for data transceiver and transmission, reducing none The threshold of line application.


Pin serial number

Pin namePin orientationPin use
Input (very weak pullup))

In conjunction with M1, the module is determined by 4 modes of operation (not dangling, if not used grounded)

2M1Input (very weak pullup)

In conjunction with M0, the module is determined by the four modes of operation (not dangling, if not used grounded).


TTL serial input, connected to an external TXD output pin.


TTL serial output connected to an external RXD input pin.


Used to indicate the operating status of the module (can be suspended)

The user wakes up the external MCU and outputs a low level during power-on self-test initialization.


The module power supply is positive reference with a voltage range of 2.5 to 3.6V DC


Module ground


Module reset pin, active low


Reserved feet