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Ebyte E34-2G4D11S fréquence automatique port série réception et transmission de données module sans fil duplex intégral 2.4 GHz

[Fréquence porteuse]:2,4 ~ 2,518 GHz

[Puissance de transmission]:11 dBm

[Distance de communication]: 130 m

[Poids du produit]:6.4±0.5g


[Introduction]:E34-2G4D11S is a wireless data transmission module that supports full-duplex communication, working in the 2.4~2.518GHz frequency band, TTL level output,using serial port for data transceiver and transmission, reducing none The threshold of line application.

main parameters
Min TypMax
Supply voltage (V).≥3.3V guaranteed output power
Communication level (V)

Operating temperature (°C)-40-85Industrial-grade design
Operating frequency band (MHz)2400-2518ISM bands are supported
power consumption
Emission current (mA).

 Instantaneous power consumption
Receive current (mA)

Sleep current (μA)
The software shuts down
Maximum transmit power (dBm)10.51111. 5
Reception sensitivity (dBm)
The air speed is 250kbps
Air rate (bps)
Not adjustable
Software automatic optimization, automatically adapt to the baud rate

main parametersperformanceRemark
The reference distance130mSunny and open environment, antenna height of 2.5 meters, air speed
Subcontracting29 BtyeMaximum length of a single send
Cache capacity2048 BtyeUnlimited package length
Modulation modeGFSK

Communication interface
UART serialTTL level
Encapsulation mode SMD
Interface mode1.27mm
Dimensions12* 1 9mm
Antenna interfacePCB onboardThe equivalent impedance is approximately 50Ω

main parametersperformanceRemark
Min Max
Supply voltage (V).2.53.6 Permanently burns modules over 3.6V
Blocking power (dBm)
-10The probability of burning at close range is small
Operating temperature (°C)-40+85Industrial grade