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EBYTE E01C-2G4M11S CI24R1 Module sans fil 2,4 GHz 4 km émetteur récepteur Rf à distance avec interface d'antenne IPEX

[Solution de puce]:Ci24R1

[Interface de communication]:SPI

[Fréquence porteuse]: 2,4 ~ 2,525 GHz

[Puissance de transmission]:11 dBm

[Distance de référence]:120m

[Taille du produit]:19*12mm

[Poids du produit]:0.5±0.1g

[Introduction]:E01C-2G4M11S is a small size, 2.4GHz SMD wireless module with PCB antenna based on the core of Nanjing CSM Ci24R1, which uses industrial grade high precision 16MHz crystal

Main parameters
Min. Typical Max
Operating voltage (V)≥3.3V ensures output power
Communication level (V)
-3.3-Risk of burnout with 5V TTL
Operating temperature (°C)-402585Industrial grade design
Operating Frequency Band (GHz)2.4-2.525Support ISM band
Emission current
-46-Instantaneous Power Consumption, 11dBm
Receiving current
Sleeping current
-2-Software shutdown
Maximum transmit power (dBm)10.51111.5Software setup, chip built-in PA
Receiving Sensitivity (dBm) -80-84-90Different air speed, different
Air Rate (bps)250k250k2MUser configurable

Main parametersDescriptionRemark
Reference Distance100m250kbps Clear and open environment, air rate 250kbps
FIFO32By teMaximum length of single transmission
Crystal Frequency 16M1z-
Modulation mode GFSK-
Packaging methodSMD-
Interface methodHalf hole 1.27mm-
Communication Interface SPI0-10Mbps
Dimension19*12mmOn-board PCB antenna included
Antenna InterfacePCB antenna Characteristic impedance approx. 50 Ω
Product Weight0.47g士0.05g

Main parametersPerformanceRemark
Supply voltage (V) 03.6Over 3.6Vpermanently burns out the module
Blocking Power  (dBm) --10The probability of burning is small when used in close proximity
Operating temperature (°C)-4085-