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2019 Ebyte·Study-aid Charity Tour-Building a Dream of the Future We are on the road.

In the beginning of the cold, the love is for thousands of miles. In this day of gestating beautiful hope and harvest, Chengdu Yibai Special Charity Line, stepping in the footsteps of the cold wind, set off again and started the journey of love. On November 2nd, the "2019 Chengdu Yibai Special Charity Tour" came to the Walahong Jinfeng Hope Primary School, Like Township, Ganluo County, Liangshan, and showed love together. The social forces of the times helped the weak and provided daily necessities and cultural and sports supplies for the children. It is hoped that through the love of the company, the charity will be truly implemented and practically help the poor students who really need help. Create a better teaching environment and learning conditions for poor students.

At 6:00 in the morning of November 2nd, the caring team of Chengdu Yibai Special Charity Bank set off from Chengdu with a car full of charitable materials to Khalahung Jinfeng Hope Primary School, Like Township, Ganluo County.

20191181437578604.jpgIn November, Liangshan Prefecture was already covered in silver, with cold winds, heavy fog and rugged roads.


After more than 7 hours’ drive, we finally arrived at Like Township·Karahun·Jinfeng Hope Primary School and sent batches of love materials to designated locations.

20191181439558552.jpgAt 14:00 on November 2nd, the donation officially began. We successively distributed school bags, colored pens and other cultural and sports supplies to the children, as well as daily necessities. The children involuntarily saluted the Young Pioneers with their new schoolbags full of love. At this moment, everyone's hearts were warmed.


The donation is coming to an end. The principal and teachers led us to visit the school and took photos with all the students. The school environment is difficult and the facilities are backward. The principal expressed his sincere gratitude to Chengdu Ebyte and I am very grateful for the love of Ebyte along the way. Enterprise support, these caring materials are what students urgently need, so that children have better learning conditions and environment.


Since its establishment, Ebyte Electronic Technology has always adhered to the public welfare concept of "Caring Corporate Responsible Society", and has carried out various charitable public welfare activities throughout Sichuan. Xichang, Kangding, Aba, and other places have left Ebyte’s first Strings of love footprints.

The pace of charity and charity of Chengdu Ebyte has not stopped. In the future of charity, we will continue to carry love and responsibility to help more children let their dreams fly. At the same time, we also call on more caring companies to join. "Love and charity education is a very meaningful social welfare activity. We hope that more and more groups and individuals will actively participate in the public welfare activities, and we will do our best to care for the poor students and promote Charity culture promotes public welfare undertakings.