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Scientific release, giving back to nature-2017 Ebyte Special Fujiang Water Resources Protection Public Welfare Activity

At 10:00 on the morning of June 3, 2017, the employees of Ebyte came to Shehong Fujiang to carry out a public welfare activity for the release of fish fry for water nature protection. There were more than 50,000 fry released this time. Everyone happily gathered on the banks of the Fujiang River. After scientific release training, they carried small buckets containing fry to do this meaningful thing.

The release activity began, and everyone was releasing scientifically in an orderly manner. Scientific and orderly release activities of fry must not only ensure the survival of fry, but also ensure the release activities are safe, orderly and happy. With the cooperation of the Ebyte team, the 50,000 young fry flowed to the rivers and lakes. Some of them would go downstream to the sea, and some would go upstream to a secret place in the rivers and lakes. No matter what, they all entrusted us to give back. The good wishes of nature have witnessed the changes in the ecology and water environment of Fujiang fish.

Ebyte is keen on public welfare and has a sense of responsibility and mission to the society to nature. We are deeply worried about the fish resources/water ecology/water environment of rivers and lakes. We feel that we can't stay in complaining and worrying to wait for the future, so we try to start from ourselves and do something within our capacity, maybe through everyone's efforts, that beautiful future will come sooner.