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Pay attention to education in mountainous areas, and help Aba with love, Ebyte is on the way!

It's the Dragon Boat Festival that year again. Like the Dragon Boat Festival in previous years, we are loaded with loving materials and once again come to the "Garden of the Gods"-Aba County.

From the preparation of loving materials to the loading and ready to go, the employees of Ebyte work together to convey their love to the distant place.

The destination of this aid is three primary schools in Aba County: Siwa Township Central Primary School, Qiujima Township Central Primary School, and Hekehe Township Central Primary School. The three schools are located at the junction of Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces, with an average elevation of 3500 to 4000 meters.

The mountain is far away and lacks oxygen, but Ebyte has persisted in this kind of student assistance activities for many years.

As in previous years of student assistance activities, we brought some necessary daily necessities, books, toys, and colorful garden activities for the children, giving the school a strong festive atmosphere.

After the amusement activity, children who can sing and dance spontaneously performed the show on the playground. There was no rehearsal or preview, but it was exceptionally exciting.

Love to help study Aba, Yibait is on the road 8

We have become witnesses of the school’s changes in the student assistance activities again and again. The newly built teaching building has given the school a new look, and the school buildings have become more and more beautiful. This shows the government’s determination and huge investment in poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation. More and more children are entering school and receiving education. The school changes every year. The enthusiasm of teachers and children for us has not diminished.

Love to help study Aba, Yibai is on the road 9.webp

Love to help learn Aba, Ebyte is on the road 10.webp

Love to help study Aba, Yibai is on the road 11.webp

Love to help study Aba, Yibai is on the road 12.webp

After completing the student assistance activities in Siwa Township, we arrived at Qiujima in the evening, and the breeze was blowing in the evening, and there was a light rain.

When the car drove into the school gate, a group of children holding white hada in their hands were already waiting on both sides of the playground.

Many children do not speak Chinese, but the laughter of the children and this ceremonial welcome ceremony are full of gratitude and purify our hearts.

Love to help study Aba, Yibai is on the road 13.webp

Love to help students learn Aba, Ebyte is on the road 14.webp

Love to help study Aba, Yibai is on the road 15.webp

People don’t need to be great, but they can’t be accountable. The same is true for companies.

A company has a sense of social responsibility, and there is a future. Ebyte will also be unswerving and be a caring, conscientious, and responsible company!

Pay attention to education, love to help students, Ebyte has been on the way!